Posted 2015-09-02 to

Correction to Ripple White Paper

We've recently been made aware of a paper discussing the possibility of forks in the Ripple system. We agree with the authors' conclusion that a fork is not possible given that the UNL overlap is greater than 40%. Unfortunately, this is different than the 20% figure stated in our 2014 white paper. We apologize for the oversight and are issuing a corrected version.

Posted 2015-08-18

Validator Registry

At Ripple Labs, our goal is to expand the size and diversity of the Ripple consensus network by enabling people to easily run rippled validators and understand how those validators perform. We aim to create a network where validating participants are well known and respected by gathering and publicizing identity information of validators in addition to performance statistics.

Posted 2015-08-05 to

Introducing the Data API

Ripple Labs data is moving under one roof, the Data API – a version two of the Historical Database API – and one infrastructure, Hadoop. We are building a much more robust and reliable way to import, parse, and house data that is not taxing on the Ripple network. Housing all of our endpoints together will allow us to scale much faster and with more confidence as the ledger and our data needs grow.

Posted 2015-02-19 to

Calculating Balance Changes for a Transaction


When interacting with Transactions on the Ripple Network you often care about the changes that have been made to a specific account. For example, if you make a payment, you want to know by how much the balance on your account has been decreased. Parsing out the exact balance changes from a transaction can often be complicated and we’ve spend a lot of time to provide a simple method for getting accurate information. In an effort to standardize the way we deal with balance changes and make sure we have one place that captures our efforts, we released a module, called ripple-lib-transactionparser. We’ve made the module available on npm and you can find the source on our github