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Posted 2019-08-30 to

XRP Testnet Has Been Reset

Update: The second reset occurred as planned and the Testnet became fully available by approximately 7:56 PM PDT. The amendments that are enabled on the Testnet now match the status of amendments on the production Mainnet.

On 2019-08-27 at approximately 1:00 UTC (6 PM PDT), Ripple reset their XRP Testnet. This means that all accounts, balances, and settings in the Testnet have been deleted and all contents of the Testnet's decentralized exchange have been erased. However, in the process of resetting the XRP Testnet, a procedural issue caused amendments that were previously enabled to be disabled in the fresh ledger chain. Ripple plans to reset the XRP Testnet again today (2019-08-30) at 4 PM PDT. Starting at this time, the Testnet may be unavailable for a maintenance window lasting up to 4 hours.

The production XRP Ledger, or Mainnet, is completely unaffected. This also has no effect on other test networks not run by Ripple.

Posted 2019-04-04 to

Corrections to Data API / XRP Charts Metrics for 2019-03-23

The Data API, an open API that provides data to XRP Charts and third-party tools, suffered gaps in data ingestion on 2019-03-23. As a result, several metrics on XRP Charts, including the number of ledgers closed per day, were overcounted. During this time, the XRP Ledger did not experience any outages. However, the Data API's ingestion service was unable to process ledgers with transactions containing the tecKILLED transaction response code. tecKILLED is a new response code added to the XRP Ledger by amendment fix1578 on 2019-03-23. This necessitated changes to the ripple-binary-codec library used by the ingestion service, but those changes were only partially deployed to the ingestion service. We have since reprocessed and corrected the metrics that were affected by this problem.

Posted 2018-01-17 to

rippled Validator Key Replacement

On Wednesday, January 18, 2018, as described in the 0.81.0 release notes, the current validator keys on all five Ripple-operated rippled validator servers will be replaced. If you have been using the previous recommended default configuration and do not reconfigure your rippled server to the new recommended default configuration before that time, then your rippled server will stop seeing validated ledgers.

Posted 2018-01-12 to

Boost 1.66 Not Supported for rippled 0.81.0

A warning to developers: rippled versions 0.81.0 and earlier do not compile with the recently-released Boost library version 1.66.0. To compile rippled yourself, Ripple recommends using Boost version 1.65.1. The minimum supported version of Boost is 1.58.0, which is included in the official repositories of Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial.

Posted 2015-02-19 to

Calculating Balance Changes for a Transaction


When interacting with Transactions on the Ripple Network you often care about the changes that have been made to a specific account. For example, if you make a payment, you want to know by how much the balance on your account has been decreased. Parsing out the exact balance changes from a transaction can often be complicated and we’ve spend a lot of time to provide a simple method for getting accurate information. In an effort to standardize the way we deal with balance changes and make sure we have one place that captures our efforts, we released a module, called ripple-lib-transactionparser. We’ve made the module available on npm and you can find the source on our github