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Posted 2019-04-04 to

Corrections to Data API / XRP Charts Metrics for 2019-03-23

The Data API, an open API that provides data to XRP Charts and third-party tools, suffered gaps in data ingestion on 2019-03-23. As a result, several metrics on XRP Charts, including the number of ledgers closed per day, were overcounted. During this time, the XRP Ledger did not experience any outages. However, the Data API's ingestion service was unable to process ledgers with transactions containing the tecKILLED transaction response code. tecKILLED is a new response code added to the XRP Ledger by amendment fix1578 on 2019-03-23. This necessitated changes to the ripple-binary-codec library used by the ingestion service, but those changes were only partially deployed to the ingestion service. We have since reprocessed and corrected the metrics that were affected by this problem.

Posted 2018-10-23 to

Updates Coming to Data API

The Data API, which provides data to XRP Charts and third-party tools, is scheduled to update to version 2.4.0 in approximately two weeks, on 2018-11-07. This version improves the way the Data API imports and summarizes data on XRP Ledger validators.

Posted 2017-01-18 to

Load Testing Data API

The Ripple Data team will be running load balancing tests on Ripple Data API starting Wednesday, 2017-01-18, at 2pm PST, which will last approximately 15 minutes. The Ripple Data API is an open and free resource that provides access to information about changes in the Ripple Consensus Ledger, including transaction history and processed analytical data.

Posted 2015-08-05 to

Introducing the Data API

Ripple Labs data is moving under one roof, the Data API – a version two of the Historical Database API – and one infrastructure, Hadoop. We are building a much more robust and reliable way to import, parse, and house data that is not taxing on the Ripple network. Housing all of our endpoints together will allow us to scale much faster and with more confidence as the ledger and our data needs grow.