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Posted 2021-04-14 to

XRP Ledger Node Configurator

by Javier Romero of Ripple

The XRP Ledger is open to anyone: all you need is a computer. For many people, using one of the many available client applications, user interfaces or portals is sufficient. But if you want to go beyond exploring the ledger or sending a payment, you need to run a server to participate as a node in the peer-to-peer network that manages the Ledger.

While the docs on make it fairly easy for anyone to spin up an XRP Ledger node, some nuanced configuration options can complicate the setup process. To help simplify this process, we've built the XRPL Node Configurator, a tool that walks you through setting up a node based on your use case.

Posted 2021-03-16 to

Message Routing Optimizations, Pt. 1: Proposal & Validation Relaying

by Gregory Tsipenyuk and Nikolaos D. Bougalis of Ripple

Like all peer-to-peer networks, the XRP Ledger needs a strategy to ensure that messages are propagated across the network. Of course, some types of messages are more important or more time-sensitive than others, so the XRP Ledger uses different strategies for relaying different types of messages.

This blog post discusses the message propagation strategy used for “proposal” and “validation” messages, which are part of the consensus protocol, and the improvements that the RippleX team researched and is contributing.

Posted 2014-08-19 to

Use of C++14 in rippled

Posted by Howard Hinnant

C++ is a language under constant development, resulting in alternating minor and major releases. The last major release of C++ was C++11. A minor release has just been approved by all participating national bodies (zero negative votes). This will be C++14. C++17 is the next planned major release and is currently under development by the committee.

Rippled has already adopted a number of useful C++14 features. We’ve done this through the development environment where native support is available, or by emulating the features through providing compatible implementations using our beast cxx14 compatibility library (