Label: xrpl.js Release Notes

Posted 2021-10-20 to

Introducing xrpl.js

by Team RippleX

RippleX and the XRP Ledger Foundation (XRPLF) are excited to announce xrpl.js version 2.0.0, a JavaScript/TypeScript library for interacting with the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Formerly known as ripple-lib, the library was renamed to better represent its role in the XRPL ecosystem and overhauled to take advantage of modern JavaScript features.

Posted 2016-06-12 to

Introducing RippleAPI

Ripple is proud to announce an improved, unified interface to the Ripple Consensus Ledger: the new RippleAPI! RippleAPI merges ripple-lib and Ripple-REST into a single high-level interface for JavaScript that is fully-documented, fully-tested, schema-validated, stateless, and easier to use.