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Posted 2019-04-05 to

Protecting the Ledger: Secure Development Practices

By Nik Bougalis, Engineering Manager

The primary mission of the C++ team at Ripple is to contribute to rippled, the reference implementation of the protocol that underpins the XRP Ledger. The codebase—which is now over 6 years old—has contributions from over 100 developers from all over the world.

As a team, our primary focus is on ensuring that the codebase is solid, that the code is robust and that it is well-suited to be the core of the next-generation of financial infrastructure, one which allows value to not only move as fast and as efficiently as information does today, but to move securely as well.

In an earlier blog post, I noted that our existing software development and quality assurance process—honed over several years—places heavy emphasis on correctness and security. I highlighted our use of automated tests and specialized tooling (such as static analyzers) but I also alluded to the human element as well: our rigorous and public code reviews and regular security audits of the codebase by specialists. I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss those practices in greater detail.

Posted 2019-01-14 to

Statement on the “Biased Nonce Sense” Paper

In the cryptography industry, it is well known that using repeated or insufficiently random "nonces" (also called "k" values) in ECDSA digital signatures carries security risks. A new research paper authored by Joachim Breitner and Nadia Heninger discloses a more serious attack than was previously known on signatures with imperfect nonces.

Posted 2017-01-12 to

Response to China CERT Report

As a leader in open-source, distributed financial technology, Ripple recognizes the importance of security researchers and we always encourage responsible disclosure of potential security vulnerabilities via our bug bounty program. Ripple also employs regular external security audits and, as a matter of practice, the maintainers of the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL) technology (rippled) routinely use static and dynamic analysis tools on the C++ codebase (most recently version 0.50.0-b1).

Posted 2014-12-07 to

Why the Stellar Forking Issue Does Not Affect Ripple

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) which maintains Stellar, a network built on a modified version of the Ripple code base, recently published a post claiming flaws in the Ripple consensus algorithm. We take any reports about possible security issues very seriously and after reviewing the information conclude that there is no threat to the continued operation of the Ripple network. We'd like to share our thoughts.