Label: xrpl-py Release Notes

Posted 2023-07-05 to

Migration Guide: Upgrading to xrpl-py Version 2.0.0

by Team RippleX

We are excited to introduce xrpl-py version 2.0.0, which brings several improvements and new features, especially for the Wallet class. However, this update includes some breaking changes that require modifications to your existing code. This migration guide will help you navigate through the necessary changes to ensure a smooth transition.

Posted 2021-04-06 to

Introducing xrpl-py for Pythonistas

by Team RippleX

Today, RippleX and the XRP Ledger Foundation (XRPLF) are excited to announce the launch of xrpl-py, a pure Python implementation for interacting with the XRP Ledger. The xrpl-py library simplifies the hardest parts of XRP Ledger interaction—like serialization and transaction signing—by providing native Python methods and models for XRP Ledger transactions and core server API (rippled) objects.