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Submit and Verify

Submit a signed transaction blob and wait until it has a final result.

  • submit-and-verify.js: ripple-lib 1.x version.
  • submit-and-verify2.js: xrpl.js 2.x version. Unlike the submitAndWait() method built into xrpl.js, this checks the server's available history and returns a different code when the transaction's status is unknowable with the server's available history versus if the transaction was definitely not confirmed by consensus.

Example usage (ripple-lib 1.x):

// example testnet creds. Don't use for real
const address = "raXDGCShEGqYz2d94qkv1UmAh2uJd3UTea"
const secret = "ssNBEKCkEY3W6YFfrjcSoNit91Vvj"
api = new ripple.RippleAPI({server: 'wss://'})
api.on('connected', async () => {
  const prepared = await api.prepareTransaction({
    "TransactionType": "AccountSet",
    "Account": address
  const signed = api.sign(prepared.txJSON, secret)

  const result = await submit_and_verify(api, signed.signedTransaction)

  if (result == "tesSUCCESS") {
    console.log(`Transaction succeeded:${}`)
  } else if (result == "unknown") {
    console.log(`Transaction status unknown. `)
  } else if (result == "tefMAX_LEDGER") {
    console.log(`Transaction failed to achieve a consensus.`)
  } else {
    console.log(`Transaction failed with code ${result}:${}`)