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The prerequisites for cashing a check are the same whether you are cashing it for an exact amount or a flexible amount.

  • You need the ID of a Check object currently in the ledger.
    • For example, the ID of one Check in these examples is 838766BA2B995C00744175F69A1B11E32C3DBC40E64801A4056FCBD657F57334, although you must use a different ID to go through these steps yourself.
  • The address and secret key of the Check's stated recipient. The address must match the Destination address in the Check object.
  • If the Check is for a token, you (the recipient) must have a trust line to the issuer. Your limit on that trust line must be high enough to hold your previous balance plus the amount you would receive.
  • A secure way to sign transactions.
  • A client library that can connect to the XRP Ledger, or any HTTP or WebSocket client.