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ETL Source Object

On a reporting mode server, each member of the etl_sources field is an object with the following fields:

connectedBooleanIf true, the reporting mode server is connected to this P2P mode server. If false, the server is not connected. This could be due to misconfiguration, a network outage, or it could mean that the P2P mode server is down.
grpc_portStringThe port number on the P2P mode server where this reporting mode server is configured to connect and retrieve ledger data via gRPC.
ipStringThe IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) of the P2P mode server.
last_message_arrival_timeStringAn ISO 8601 timestamp indicating the most recent time the reporting mode server received a message from this P2P server.
validated_ledgers_rangeStringThe range of validated ledger versions this P2P mode server reports that it has available, in the same format as complete_ledgers.
websocket_portStringThe port number on the P2P server where this reporting mode server is configured to forward WebSocket requests that cannot be served directly from reporting mode.