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AffectedNodesArrayList of ledger entries that were created, deleted, or modified by this transaction, and specific changes to each.
DeliveredAmountCurrency Amount(May be omitted) For a partial payment, this field records the amount of currency actually delivered to the destination. To avoid errors when reading transactions, instead use the delivered_amount field, which is provided for all Payment transactions, partial or not.
TransactionIndexUnsigned IntegerThe transaction's position within the ledger that included it. This is zero-indexed. (For example, the value 2 means it was the 3rd transaction in that ledger.)
TransactionResultStringA result code indicating whether the transaction succeeded or how it failed.
delivered_amountCurrency Amount(Omitted for non-Payment transactions) The amount of currency actually received by the Destination account. Use this field to determine how much was delivered, regardless of whether the transaction is a partial payment. See this description for details.