Payment System Basics

One of the primary purposes of the XRP Ledger is payment processing. Learn more about key concepts that will help you understand the XRP Ledger payment system.

  • Accounts

    Learn about accounts in the XRP Ledger. Accounts can send transactions and hold XRP.

  • Fees (Disambiguation)

    Learn about the types of fees allowed by the XRP Ledger, including neutral fees (payable to no one) that protect the ledger against abuse, as well as fees that users can collect from each other.

  • Ledgers

    The XRP Ledger is composed of a series of individual ledgers, or ledger versions, which rippled keeps in its internal database. Learn about the structure and contents of these ledgers.

  • Transaction Basics

    Transactions are the only way to change the XRP Ledger. Understand what forms they take and how to use them.