The raw AccountRoot object of the account, as stored in the XRP Ledger.

Warning: XRP-API is early alpha software. API methods and data formats are likely to change frequently in ways that break backwards compatibility.

  • Type: Object

This type can contain the following fields:

Field Type Required? Description
PreviousTxnLgrSeq Integer Required
OwnerCount Integer Required
index String Optional
LedgerEntryType String Required
Flags Integer Required A bitwise map of settings applied to this account.
Account String (Address) Required The address of an XRP Ledger account.
PreviousTxnID String Required
RegularKey String (Address) Optional The address of an XRP Ledger account.
Sequence Integer Required
Balance String Required The XRP balance of the account, in integer "drops of XRP", where 1000000 drops = 1 XRP.