The raw AccountRoot object of the account, as stored in the XRP Ledger.

Warning: XRP-API is early alpha software. API methods and data formats are likely to change often in ways that break backwards compatibility.

  • Type: Object

This type can contain the following fields:

Field Type Required? Description
Balance String Required The XRP balance of the account, in integer "drops of XRP", where 1000000 drops = 1 XRP.
LedgerEntryType String Required
PreviousTxnLgrSeq Integer Required
PreviousTxnID String Required
Account String (Address) Required The address of an XRP Ledger account.
index String Optional
OwnerCount Integer Required
Flags Integer Required A bitwise map of settings applied to this account.
Sequence Integer Required
RegularKey String (Address) Optional The address of an XRP Ledger account.