Warning: XRP-API is early alpha software. API methods and data formats are likely to change often in ways that break backwards compatibility.

This type can contain the following fields:

Field Type Required? Description
signers Object Optional (Optional) Settings that determine what sets of accounts can be used to sign a transaction on behalf of this account using multisigning.
walletLocator String Optional (Optional) Transaction hash or any other 64 character hexadecimal string, that may or may not represent the result of a hash operation. Use null to clear.
domain String Optional (Optional) The domain that owns this account, as a hexadecimal string representing the ASCII for the domain in lowercase.
transferRate Number Optional (Optional) The fee to charge when users transfer this account’s issuances, as the decimal amount that must be sent to deliver 1 unit. Has precision up to 9 digits beyond the decimal point. Use null to set no fee.
disallowIncomingXRP Boolean Optional (Optional) Client applications should not send XRP to this account. Not enforced by rippled.
passwordSpent Boolean Optional (Optional) Account has used its free SetRegularKey transaction.
requireDestinationTag Boolean Optional (Optional) Account requires incoming payments to specify a destination tag.
emailHash String Optional (Optional) Hash of an email address to be used for generating an avatar image. Conventionally, clients use Gravatar to display this image. Use null to clear.
disableMasterKey Boolean Optional If the master key is disabled, true; false otherwise.
tickSize Number Optional (Optional) Tick size to use for offers involving a currency issued by this address. The exchange rates of those offers is rounded to this many significant digits. Valid values are 3 to 15 inclusive, or 0 to disable.
regularKey String (Address) Optional The address of an XRP Ledger account.