Warning: XRP-API is early alpha software. API methods and data formats are likely to change often in ways that break backwards compatibility.

  • Type: Object

This type can contain the following fields:

Field Type Required? Description
lastClose Object (LastClose) Required Information about the last time the server closed a ledger.
validatedLedger Object (ValidatedLedger) Required Information about the fully-validated ledger with the highest sequence number (the most recent).
fetchPack Number Optional
peers Integer Required How many other rippled servers the node is currently connected to.
loadFactor Number Required The load factor the server is currently enforcing, as a multiplier on the base transaction fee. The load factor is determined by the highest of the individual server’s load factor, cluster’s load factor, and the overall network’s load factor.
completeLedgers String Required Range expression indicating the sequence numbers of the ledger versions the local rippled has in its database. It is possible to be a disjoint sequence, e.g. “2500-5000,32570-7695432”.
jqTransOverflow String Optional
time String Optional
pubkeyNode String Required Public key used to verify this node for internal communications; this key is automatically generated by the server the first time it starts up. (If deleted, the node can just create a new pair of keys.)
ioLatencyMs Number Required Amount of time spent waiting for I/O operations to be performed, in milliseconds. If this number is not very, very low, then the rippled server is probably having serious load issues.
serverStateDurationUs String Optional The amount of time, in microseconds, that the server has continuously been in the present state (full, syncing, etc.)
uptime Number Optional Number of consecutive seconds that the server has been operational.
buildVersion String Required The version number of the running rippled version.
stateAccounting Object Optional Total duration spent in and every transition to various server states. This can be useful for tracking the long-term health of your server's connectivity to the network.
serverState String (ServerState) Required A string indicating to what extent the server is participating in the network. See Possible Server States for more details.
load Object (Load) Optional (Admin only) Detailed information about the current load state of the server.
validationQuorum Number Required Minimum number of trusted validations required in order to validate a ledger version. Some circumstances may cause the server to require more validations.
pubkeyValidator String Optional (Admin only) Public key used by this node to sign ledger validations.
peerDisconnects String Optional
peerDisconnectsResources String Optional
validatorList Object Optional
hostID String Required On an admin request, returns the hostname of the server running the rippled instance; otherwise, returns a unique four letter word.