XRP-API Data Types

Warning: XRP-API is early alpha software. API methods and data formats are likely to change frequently in ways that break backwards compatibility.

The following data types are defined for this API:

Name Type Description
ErrorItem Object (ErrorItem)
TransactionStatus Object (TransactionStatus) Transaction status returned immediately after submitting. If the transaction was submitted, tx_json.hash and engine_result will be included.
Address String (Address) The address of an XRP Ledger account.
TransactionID String (TransactionID) The identifying hash of a transaction.
ServerInfo (ServerInfo)
AccountSettings (AccountSettings)
RippleAPIError Object (RippleAPIError) A wrapper for one or more error messages that occurred when processing a request.
ServerState String (ServerState) A string indicating to what extent the server is participating in the network. See Possible Server States for more details.
AccountData Object (AccountData) The raw AccountRoot object of the account, as stored in the XRP Ledger.
Payment object and instructions Object (Payment object and instructions) Payment object (specification) and instructions on how to execute it.
Currency String (Currency) A currency code that is valid in the XRP Ledger, or XRP for ledger's native currency.
ApiDoc Object (ApiDoc) The requested apiDoc.
AccountInfo (AccountInfo)
RippledServerInfo Object (RippledServerInfo)
Signed Transaction Object (Signed Transaction) A signed transaction.
Transaction Common Fields Object (Transaction Common Fields) The fields that are common to all transactions.
LastClose Object (LastClose) Information about the last time the server closed a ledger.
Transaction Instructions Object (Transaction Instructions) Indicates how to execute a transaction. Complements the transaction specification.
PreparedPaymentTransaction (PreparedPaymentTransaction) A payment transaction with min_ledger and max_ledger fields.
AppliedTransaction (AppliedTransaction) An applied transaction contains the fields of the Transaction object as well as some additional fields.
Amount Object (Amount) An amount in the XRP Ledger.
Load Object (Load) (Admin only) Detailed information about the current load state of the server.
ValidatedLedger Object (ValidatedLedger) Information about the fully-validated ledger with the highest sequence number (the most recent).
PaymentTransaction (PaymentTransaction)
AccountTransactions Object (AccountTransactions)
Payment Object Object (Payment Object) A payment object (specification).
LedgerIndex (LedgerIndex)