XRP-API 0.1.0 Methods

An API server that provides a REST-like interface to the XRP Ledger.

Warning: XRP-API is early alpha software. API methods and data formats are likely to change often in ways that break backwards compatibility.

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Query Methods

Methods to access data from the XRP Ledger.

Summary Path
Get Account Transactions GET /accounts/{address}/transactions
Get Account Settings GET /accounts/{address}/settings
Get Account Info GET /accounts/{address}/info
Get Transaction GET /transactions/{transaction_id}

Transact Methods

Methods to submit transactions to the XRP Ledger.

Summary Path
Prepare a Payment GET /preparations/payments
Sign and/or submit a payment PUT /payments
Create, sign, and submit a payment POST /payments
Get Transaction GET /transactions/{transaction_id}

Meta Methods

Methods to get information about the XRP-API server itself.

Summary Path
Get API Docs GET /apiDocs
Ping GET /ping
Get Server Info GET /servers/info