Fostering the Development of the XRP Ledger

XRPL Foundation

The Vision

The Foundation’s vision is to support the development of a diverse XRP Ledger community by focusing on governance, amendments to the core code, and an evolving list of robust validators — all key to creating a dynamic ecosystem that supports a growing and innovative Ledger.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Core Technology

    Enhance and develop infrastructure including high capacity hubs, full history servers, and monitoring systems.

  • Unique Node List

    Establish a list of public and objective criteria for evaluating the performance of validators.

  • Developer Ecosystem

    Support a growing ecosystem of global developers to help with the Ledger adoption and use.

  • Sustainability

    Encourage scalable and sustainable practices.

  • Social and Community Initiatives

    Support development of tools and platforms for financial inclusion globally.

XRP Ledger Foundation Values and Beliefs

We Value:

  • Our role as an independent organization acting in the best interests of the XRP Ledger community
  • Having the resources and support to compete on an equal playing field with other blockhain foundations to achieve our goals
  • Cultivating a diverse developer ecosystem, where many entities contribute to and benefit from the XRP Ledger

We Believe:

  • Trust is foundational to our mission and understand building trust is a slow, steady process
  • Close working relationships between developers and organizations that build on and contribute to the XRP Ledger are critical to its innovation and success

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