Cancel or Skip a Transaction

An important and intentional feature of the XRP Ledger is that a transaction is final as soon as it has been incorporated in a validated ledger.

However, if a transaction has not yet been included in a validated ledger, you can effectively cancel it by rendering it invalid. Typically, this means sending another transaction with the same Sequence value from the same account. If you do not want the replacement transaction to do anything, send an AccountSet transaction with no options.

For example, if you try to submit 3 transactions with sequence numbers 11, 12, and 13, but transaction 11 gets lost somehow or does not have a high enough transaction cost to be propagated to the network, then you can cancel transaction 11 by submitting an AccountSet transaction with no options and sequence number 11. This does nothing (except destroying the transaction cost for the new transaction 11), but it allows transactions 12 and 13 to become valid.

This approach is preferable to renumbering and resubmitting transactions 12 and 13, because it prevents transactions from being effectively duplicated under different sequence numbers.

In this way, an AccountSet transaction with no options is the canonical "no-op " transaction.