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XRP Ledger Apex 2024 is the official global community summit that unites developers, innovators, businesses, and investors who are building the future of finance on the XRP Ledger blockchain.

Location: Amsterdam
Date: June 11-13, 2024

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EasyA Ripple Hackathon

Join the XRPL community at the Ripple x EasyA Hackathon in Amsterdam, where startups can compete for a $20,000 prize and a chance to present at the prestigious APEX Conference alongside industry leaders. Secure your spot now!


Join us at Consensus! This event is the world's largest, longest-running and most influential gathering that brings together all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 community.

EasyA Hackathon

Smart Contracts, Smarter XRP Ledger! Join us and be among the the first to build the next big thing and learn more about the upcoming EVM integration with XRP Ledger.

Paris Blockchain Week

Paris Blockchain Week is Europe's biggest blockchain & digital assets event that covers all aspects of blockchain technology.

XRPL Developers Discord AMA: Apex 2024

Join the DevRel team at Ripple to learn more about APEX 2024.

XRP Ledger Zone ETHDenver

Smart Contracts, Smarter XRP Ledger! Be the first to learn and build on the upcoming XRP Ledger integration with EVM at ETHDenver!

Building on the XRP Ledger - 2-day Workshop

Participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and valuable knowledge in building real-world assets on the XRPL blockchain. This two-day, free training program is designed for developers who have a keen interest in learning about XRPL.

Cyprus Tech Odyssey: XRPL Hackathon 2024

Cyprus Tech Odyssey: XRPL Hackathon 2024 is a collaborative initiative between Ripple and the University of Nicosia (UNIC). This unique event promises a blend of insightful discussions and hands-on experiences, all centered around the transformative potential of the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

New Horizon: Innovate Without Limits: New Horizons Await

Join our EVM-compatible chain launch for a chance to win $50,000 in prizes! Unleash your creativity in DeFi and NFTs, with judging criteria focused on novelty, impact, and community engagement.

RippleX’s Research: Stanford Engineering Campus Research Initiatives

Learn more about RippleX’s ongoing research projects on the XRP Ledger, addressing issues like frontrunning defense, the significance of threshold signatures, and challenges in cross-chain communication, including the construction of bridges on XRPL.

XRPL Community Report Launch Party

Celebrate the XRPL Community Report launch at 7pm! Join blockchain enthusiasts, connect with experts, and discover opportunities in the XRP Ledger ecosystem. Limited space available, so register now for a night of celebration and networking!

XRPL Accelerator Demo Day

Join us for XRPL Accelerator Demo Day in Singapore! Explore pitches from 11 promising startups building on the XRP Ledger, network with founders and investors, and kickstart the Singapore FinTech Festival. Webinar link coming soon!

XRPL Blockhack Hackathon

Join us at George Brown College's Waterfront Campus for workshops and talks on promoting growth for blockchain projects and ventures. We are supporting a for the most innovative application built on XRPL.

XRPL Developers Reddit AMA: Real World Assets

Join us for a live chat on Reddit and learn more about how developers are building real world assets with confidence on the XRP Ledger.

XRPL Developers Discord AMA: Edge Wallet

Join us for a live chat on Discord and learn more about Edge Wallet and how they are building on the XRP Ledger.

APEX 2023: The XRPL Developer Summit

Apex XRPL Developer Summit is the annual event where developers, contributors, and thought leaders come together to learn, build, share, network, and celebrate all things XRP Ledger.

XRPL South Korea Meetup - XCCESS

We are excited to introduce the XRP Ledger XCCESS - an exclusive meetup bringing together the brightest minds, innovators, and enthusiasts from South Korea's blockchain industry. Join us for an engaging experience during the Korea Blockchain Week.

XRPL Accelerator Demo Day

​​Join us for our very first XRPL Accelerator Demo Day in London. Witness pitches from nine portfolio startups, engage in Q&A sessions, and network with founders and investors.

XRPL London Meetup (Accelerator Edition)

Join us for a Happy Hour hosted by the XRPL Accelerator Team! Connect with fellow start-ups in the blockchain space and gain insights into cutting-edge projects and founders.

XRPL Hackathon - Apex 2023

Join the XRPL Hackathon - APEX 2023, a week before the XRP Ledger's annual developer conference. Explore the Future of Finance and Web3 tracks, collaborate, learn, and compete for 10K USD in prizes.

XRPL Toronto Meetup

Prepare for an evening of XRPL Toronto Meetup - a celebration of discovery and connection. Join enthusiasts, innovators, and developers for inspiring talks, conversations, and learning. All are welcome, from seasoned developers to curious newcomers.

XRPL Summer Hackathon

The XRPL Hackathon is all about supporting innovative projects and getting developers from diverse backgrounds to explore creative ideas and transition from centralized systems to the exciting world of blockchain. Bring your innovative projects to life and get a chance to secure up to $10,000 in funding.

XRPL Workshop at WebX Asia

Workshop with XRP Ledger co-developer David Schwartz and leading Japanese XRPL developers.

AMAs: XRPL Developer AMAs

A chat with Matt Mankins from Lorem Labs to discuss Kudos for Code and his recent XRPL Accelerator acceptance.

Q3 2023 Ripple XRP Meetup

Join your fellow Ripple XRP Enthusiasts for a 90-minute discussion. Topics: XRP, Flare, XRPL, Ripple (Company), General Crypto QA.


First XRPL Ideathon in Japan Held Ahead of Crypto Event IVS Crypto.

XRPL Roundtable: XRPL @ Consensus

A roundtable chat with those who represented the XRP Ledger at Consensus 2023.

XRPL Community Meetup: Madrid

Get together with other Madrid-based members of the XRP Ledger community to network and discuss all things XRPL.

XRPL Zone @ Consensus

XRPL Zone: your all-in-one location for creating and collaborating on XRP Ledger (XRPL) projects.

XRPL Developer AMAs

A chat with Crossmark about wallet development on the XRP Ledger!

Community Calls #3

An open chat with the XRP Ledger community about NFTs and the EVM sidechain testnet.

AMAs: On-chain Data with Bithomp

A discuss with Bithomp about data infrastructure and their NFT integrations in one of the most popular explorers on the XRP Ledger.

AMAs: POS and Crypto Payments with FriiPay

A discussion with FriiPay about payment rails and POS integrations through the XRP Ledger

NFTs with

A cozy discussion with about NFTs and the future of NFT infrastructure on the XRP Ledger.

XRPL Community Meetup: Nashville

Nashville-based members of the XRPL Community came together to network, learn, share ideas, and form new partnerships.

Hackathon: NFT Launch Party

Build Functional NFTs that span across a full range of use cases.

XRPL Community Meetup: Miami

One of the biggest Meetups held so far, this was the first of an ongoing series of local XRPL Community Meetup events in Miami.

Conference: Apex 2021

View sessions from the Apex 2021 stages in Las Vegas and Tallinn.

Community Calls #2

A community call about XRPL amendments with Chris McKay.

Hackathon: Creating Real World Impact

Build apps to improve lives in the real world using any of the SDKs and APIs for the XRP Ledger.

Community Calls #1

An open discussion about the development of XLS-20 and NFTs on the XRP Ledger.

XRPL Community Meetup: Miami #2

We're excited to host our second Miami meetup for XRP Ledger community members on April 6th from 6-8pm, featuring Marco Neri, Developer Advocate at Ripple, who will join us to give a presentation on the XRP Ledger.

XRPL Community Meetup: Irvine LA

Get together with other LA-based members of the XRP Ledger Community to network and discuss all things XRPL.

XRPL Community Meetup: San Diego

Get together with other San Diego-based members of the XRP Ledger Community to network and discuss all things XRPL! Join us for our second San Diego XRPL Meetup.

XRPL Community Meetup: London

Join for an evening of programming and networking with members of the XRPL Community in London, co-organised by Peerkat - the NFT platform for creators on the XRPL.

XRPL Community Meetup: Toronto

Join us for our first Toronto meetup with an evening of programming and networking with other members of the XRP Ledger Community with special guests from the XUMM Wallet and ARK PLATES teams!

NYC Meetup/Hackathon XRPL Celebration

The NYC/XRP community and Dev Null Productions cordially invites you to attend our 10th meetup, being held in celebration of the on-going XRPL Hackathon, at the unique and artistic TALS studio in Midtown Manhattan.

Hackathon: New Year, New NFT

Build Functional NFTs that span across a full range of use cases.

XRPL Community Meetup: San Francisco

Community members in the Bay Area with diverse backgrounds in technology and beyond met in downtown San Francisco.

XRPL Community Meetup: Atlanta

The inaugural Meetup in the Southeast region of the United States got community members excited to meet like-minded individuals in their area.

XRPL Community Meetup: San Diego

The first official Meetup hosted by the XRPL Community. Community members in Southern California gathered around a firepit and shared their experiences with the XRPL.

Hackathon: 2021

Explore the exciting project submissions from the fall 2021 XRPL Hackathon that focused on the NFT and Hooks smart contract functionalities on the ledger.