Contribute Code to ripple-lib

Want to contribute code or a bug report to help improve ripple-lib, the official client library for RippleAPI? RippleAPI is a JavaScript API for interacting with the XRP Ledger. Here’s a roadmap to the high-level tasks that’ll have you reviewing code and functionality in no time.


Access the ripple-lib repo

ripple-lib is an open-source project. You can take a look at ripple-lib code simply by accessing the ripple-lib GitHub repo. Before contributing or reporting bugs, we recommend that you get to know the code and developer experience by performing the following tasks.

Access the ripple-lib repo


Set up and run a rippled server

RippleAPI is an API for interacting with the XRP Ledger. The core peer-to-peer server that manages the XRP Ledger is rippled. Optionally, you can set up and run a rippled server to understand its developer experience and functionality. Anyone can run their own rippled server that follows the network and keeps a complete copy of the XRP Ledger.

Set up and run a rippled server


Get a Test Net XRP Ledger account

Use the XRP Test Net Faucet to get a test account on the XRP Test Network. If you set up a rippled server, you can connect it to the XRP Test Net to make test calls and get to know the XRP Ledger.

Get a Test Net XRP Ledger account


Set up your ripple-lib development environment

ripple-lib requires Node.js and a few dependencies. We recommend using Node.js v10 LTS and Yarn dependency management. Also, be sure to create your own fork of the ripple-lib repository on GitHub so you can contribute pull requests to the official repo.

Set up your development environment


Run your first ripple-lib script

Examine and run the get-account-info.js script. Use it to get a feel for how RippleAPI scripts work and to verify that your RippleAPI interface is working.

Run your first script


Contribute code

Now that you have a handle on ripple-lib, you may have ideas for how to improve it.

Perhaps you’re developing on the XRP Ledger and want to contribute some code that enables ripple-lib to provide a feature your application needs.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our list of Help Wanted issues

Access the ripple-lib repo and open an issue or pull request.

Contribute code


Report bugs

As you explore ripple-lib, you may find code that you don’t think is working as intended. To report a bug, open an issue in the ripple-lib repo.

If the bug you wish to report is security-related, we urge you to disclose it responsibly through Ripple's Bug Bounty program .

Report bugs