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Configure Amendment Voting

Servers configured as validators can vote on amendments to the XRP Ledger protocol using the feature method. (This method requires admin access.)

For example, to vote against the "SHAMapV2" amendment, run the following command:

  "id": "any_id_here",
  "command": "feature",
  "feature": "SHAMapV2",
  "vetoed": true

Note: The short name of the amendment is case-sensitive. You can also use an amendment's ID as hexadecimal, which is not case sensitive.

Using the Config File

If you prefer to use the config file to configure amendment voting, you can add a line to the [rpc_startup] stanza to run the command automatically on startup for each explicit vote. For example:

{ "command": "feature", "feature": "SHAMapV2", "vetoed": true }

Be sure to restart your server for changes to take effect.

Caution: Any commands in the [rpc_startup] stanza run each time the server starts up, which can override voting settings you configured while the server was running.

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