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Admin API Methods

Administer a rippled server using these admin API methods. Admin methods are meant only for trusted personnel in charge of keeping the server operational. Admin methods include commands for managing, monitoring, and debugging the server.

Admin commands are available only if you connect to rippled on a host and port that the rippled.cfg file identifies as admin. By default, the commandline client uses an admin connection. For more information on connecting to rippled, see Getting Started with the rippled API.

Key Generation Methods

Use these methods to generate and manage keys.

  • validation_create - Generate formatted for rippled node key pair. (Validators should use tokens instead of keys generated by this method.)
  • wallet_propose - Generate keys for a new account.

Logging and Data Management Methods

Use these methods to manage log levels and other data, such as ledgers.

  • can_delete - Allow online deletion of ledgers up to a specific ledger.
  • download_shard - Download a specific shard of ledger history.
  • ledger_cleaner - Configure the ledger cleaner service to check for corrupted data.
  • ledger_request - Query a peer server for a specific ledger version.
  • log_level - Get or modify log verbosity.
  • logrotate - Reopen the log file.
  • node_to_shard - Copy data from the ledger store to the shard store.

Server Control Methods

Use these methods to manage the rippled server.

  • ledger_accept - Close and advance the ledger in stand-alone mode.
  • stop - Shut down the rippled server.

Signing Methods

Use these methods to sign transactions.

  • sign - Cryptographically sign a transaction.
  • sign_for - Contribute to a multi-signature.

By default, these methods are admin-only. They can be used as public methods if the server admin has enabled public signing.

Peer Management Methods

Use these methods to manage the server's connections in the peer-to-peer XRP Ledger network.

Status and Debugging Methods

Use these methods to check the status of the network and server.

  • consensus_info - Get information about the state of consensus as it happens.
  • feature - Get information about protocol amendments.
  • fetch_info - Get information about the server's sync with the network.
  • get_counts - Get statistics about the server's internals and memory usage.
  • manifest - Get the latest public key information about a known validator.
  • print - Get information about internal subsystems.
  • validator_info - Get information about the server's validator settings, if configured as a validator.
  • validator_list_sites - Get information about sites that publish validator lists.
  • validators - Get information about the current validators.

Deprecated Methods

The following admin commands are deprecated and either have been removed, or may be removed without further notice:

  • ledger_header - Use the ledger method instead.
  • unl_add, unl_delete, unl_list, unl_load, unl_network, unl_reset, unl_score - Use the validators.txt config file for UNL management instead.
  • wallet_seed - Use the wallet_propose method instead.
  • validation_seed - Use the config file and validator-keys-tool for managing your seed instead.