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tef Codes

These codes indicate that the transaction failed and was not included in a ledger, but the transaction could have succeeded in some theoretical ledger. Typically this means that the transaction can no longer succeed in any future ledger. They have numerical values in the range -199 to -100. The exact code for any given error is subject to change, so don't rely on it.

Caution: Transactions with tef codes are not applied to ledgers and cannot cause any changes to the XRP Ledger state. However, a transaction that provisionally failed may still succeed or fail with a different code after being reapplied. For more information, see Finality of Results and Reliable Transaction Submission.

tefALREADYThe same exact transaction has already been applied.
tefBAD_AUTHThe key used to sign this account is not authorized to modify this account. (It could be authorized if the account had the same key set as the Regular Key.)
tefBAD_AUTH_MASTERThe single signature provided to authorize this transaction does not match the master key, but no regular key is associated with this address.
tefBAD_LEDGERWhile processing the transaction, the ledger was discovered in an unexpected state. If you can reproduce this error, please report an issue to get it fixed.
tefBAD_QUORUMThe transaction was multi-signed, but the total weights of all included signatures did not meet the quorum.
tefBAD_SIGNATUREThe transaction was multi-signed, but contained a signature for an address not part of a SignerList associated with the sending account.
tefEXCEPTIONWhile processing the transaction, the server entered an unexpected state. This may be caused by unexpected inputs, for example if the binary data for the transaction is grossly malformed. If you can reproduce this error, please report an issue to get it fixed.
tefFAILUREUnspecified failure in applying the transaction.
tefINTERNALWhen trying to apply the transaction, the server entered an unexpected state. If you can reproduce this error, please report an issue to get it fixed.
tefINVARIANT_FAILEDAn invariant check failed when trying to claim the transaction cost. Added by the EnforceInvariants amendment. If you can reproduce this error, please report an issue.
tefMASTER_DISABLEDThe transaction was signed with the account's master key, but the account has the lsfDisableMaster field set.
tefMAX_LEDGERThe transaction included a LastLedgerSequence parameter, but the current ledger's sequence number is already higher than the specified value.
tefNFTOKEN_IS_NOT_TRANSFERABLEThe transaction attempted to send a non-fungible token to another account, but the NFToken has the lsfTransferable flag disabled and the transfer would not be to or from the issuer. (Added by the NonFungibleTokensV1_1 amendment.)
tefNO_AUTH_REQUIREDThe TrustSet transaction tried to mark a trust line as authorized, but the lsfRequireAuth flag is not enabled for the corresponding account, so authorization is not necessary.
tefNO_TICKETThe transaction attempted to use a Ticket, but the specified TicketSequence number does not exist in the ledger, and cannot be created in the future because it is earlier than the sender's current sequence number.
tefNOT_MULTI_SIGNINGThe transaction was multi-signed, but the sending account has no SignerList defined.
tefPAST_SEQThe sequence number of the transaction is lower than the current sequence number of the account sending the transaction.
tefTOO_BIGThe transaction would affect too many objects in the ledger. For example, this was an AccountDelete transaction but the account to be deleted owns over 1000 objects in the ledger.
tefWRONG_PRIORThe transaction contained an AccountTxnID field (or the deprecated PreviousTxnID field), but the transaction specified there does not match the account's previous transaction.