Tracks the progress of the amendment process for changes in transaction processing. This can indicate that a proposed amendment gained or lost majority approval, or that an amendment has been enabled.

Note: You cannot send a pseudo-transaction, but you may find one when processing ledgers.

Field JSON Type Internal Type Description
Amendment String Hash256 A unique identifier for the amendment. This is not intended to be a human-readable name. See Amendments for a list of known amendments.
LedgerSequence Number UInt32 The index of the ledger version where this amendment appears. This distinguishes the pseudo-transaction from other occurrences of the same change.

EnableAmendment Flags

The Flags value of the EnableAmendment pseudo-transaction indicates the status of the amendment at the time of the ledger including the pseudo-transaction.

A Flags value of 0 (no flags) indicates that the amendment has been enabled, and applies to all ledgers afterward. Other Flags values are as follows:

Flag Name Hex Value Decimal Value Description
tfGotMajority 0x00010000 65536 Support for this amendment increased to at least 80% of trusted validators starting with this ledger version.
tfLostMajority 0x00020000 131072 Support for this amendment decreased to less than 80% of trusted validators starting with this ledger version.