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Introducing Clio version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of Clio, an XRP Ledger API server optimized for HTTP and WebSocket API calls, is now available. This release adds new features, bug fixes, and amendment support.

Amendment Support

Several amendments have been introduced since Clio 1.0.4 and have transaction model changes. Clio 2.0.0 is built with libxrpl 1.12.0, which supports these amendments.

  • AMM
    • Note: the amm_info API method is not yet supported and will be introduced in a later release
  • Clawback
  • XRPFees

If these amendments are enabled and you have not upgraded Clio to 2.0.0 or newer, the ETL will be amendment blocked and new ledgers will not be processed.

To check the current voting status of these amendments on Mainnet, see the XRPScan Amendments Dashboard

Install / Upgrade

RPM for Red Hat / CentOS (x86-64)eae542dcee449b05fa821ff8fafa825e4932ac65bb12a452e578117a04c61466
Ubuntu Deb (x86_64)a10edc9f849eb7fa325fa861d5148ba007033da47c7fe16e4c8c50c01ab17422

For other platforms, please build from source. The most recent commit in the git log should be:

commit 7a1f902f421fae054599e1361b523923453342bd
Author: Alex Kremer <[email protected]>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 12:23:40 2023 +0100

    Fix http params handling discrepancy  (#913)

    Fixes #909

Database Migration

If you are currently running Clio on a previous version and upgrading to 2.0.0, you must perform a database migration to properly support NFT data. See the Clio 2.0.0 migration instructions for details.

What's Changed

See the Full Changelog on GitHub.

To report an issue, provide feedback, or propose a new idea, please open an issue.