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Developer Reflections: XRP Toolkit

This week on Developer Reflections, we’re proud to bring our focus back to XRP Toolkit, a platform developed by Towo Labs for managing crypto assets on the XRP Ledger, including a full-featured graphical user-interface (GUI) for the XRP Ledger's built-in decentralized exchange (DEX).

XRP Toolkit’s client-side interface helps users seamlessly interact with the XRP Ledger and its on-ledger decentralized exchange. Its initial formation by Towo Labs was in aid of making it easier to securely manage crypto assets. The project has since gone from strength to strength, allowing users to explore XRP Toolkit to send, receive, and trade crypto assets on the XRP Ledger.

Since our previous coverage on the project, XRP Toolkit has seen more hardware wallet integrations and an addition of WalletConnect for XRPL, adding support for Bifrost Wallet. It has remained a reliable tool for ecosystem participants since its introduction.

Screenshot: XRP Toolkit Trade tab

XRP Toolkit is used by thousands of Bifrost Wallet, Xumm, Keystone, D’CENT, and Ledger hardware wallet users to access advanced XRP Ledger features, such as limit orders, cross-currency payments, escrows, trust lines, and account settings.

Screenshot: XRP Toolkit Account tab

When a user connects their wallet to XRP Toolkit, they get the security benefits of their favorite self-custody wallet, and the usability of a full-featured web interface.

Screenshot: XRP Toolkit Send Payment tab

XRP Toolkit has been designed from the ground up with strong security standards, and only handles public keys and public data.

Screenshot: XRP Toolkit Escrow tab

All transaction signing has been offloaded to the supported wallets, which reduces the need to copy/paste sensitive key material, and allows XRP Toolkit to focus on offering users advanced XRP Ledger features.

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