Transaction Sender

This tool sends transactions to the XRP Testnet address of your choice so you can test how you monitor and respond to incoming transactions.

Set up the necessary Testnet XRP addresses to send test payments.
Send transactions to this XRP Testnet address

Caution: This X-address is intended for use on Mainnet. Testnet X-addresses have a "T" prefix instead.

Send Transaction

drops of XRP

(Getting ready to send partial payments)
Deliver a small amount of XRP with a large Amount value, to test your handling of partial payments.

Create a time-based escrow of 1 XRP for the specified number of seconds.

drops of XRP
Create a payment channel and fund it with the specified amount of XRP.

Your destination address needs a trust line to (the test sender) for the currency in question. Otherwise, you'll get tecPATH_DRY.

The test sender creates a trust line to your account for the given currency.