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Apex XRPL Developer Summit is the annual event where developers, contributors, and thought leaders come together to learn, build, share, network, and celebrate all things XRP Ledger.

View all sessions from Apex 2022 and soak in the knowledge that was shared by passionate XRPL community members.

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Apex 2021

View sessions from the Apex 2021 stages in Las Vegas and Tallinn.

Hackathon: Creating Real World Impact

Build apps to improve lives in the real world using any of the SDKs and APIs for the XRP Ledger.

New Year, New NFT

Build Functional NFTs that span across a full range of use cases.

XRPL Community Meetup: Miami #2

We're excited to host our second Miami meetup for XRP Ledger community members on April 6th from 6-8pm, featuring Marco Neri, Developer Advocate at Ripple, who will join us to give a presentation on the XRP Ledger.

XRPL Community Meetup: Irvine LA

Get together with other LA-based members of the XRP Ledger Community to network and discuss all things XRPL.

XRPL Community Meetup: San Diego

Get together with other San Diego-based members of the XRP Ledger Community to network and discuss all things XRPL! Join us for our second San Diego XRPL Meetup.

XRPL Community Meetup: Toronto

Join us for our first Toronto meetup with an evening of programming and networking with other members of the XRP Ledger Community with special guests from the XUMM Wallet and ARK PLATES teams!

XRPL Community Meetup: London

Join for an evening of programming and networking with members of the XRPL Community in London, co-organised by Peerkat - the NFT platform for creators on the XRPL.

NYC Meetup/Hackathon XRPL Celebration

The NYC/XRP community and Dev Null Productions cordially invites you to attend our 10th meetup, being held in celebration of the on-going XRPL Hackathon, at the unique and artistic TALS studio in Midtown Manhattan.

XRPL Community Meetup: Nashville

Nashville-based members of the XRPL Community came together to network, learn, share ideas, and form new partnerships.

XRPL Community Meetup: Miami

One of the biggest Meetups held so far, this was the first of an ongoing series of local XRPL Community Meetup events in Miami.

XRPL Community Meetup: San Francisco

Community members in the Bay Area with diverse backgrounds in technology and beyond met in downtown San Francisco.

XRPL Community Meetup: Atlanta

The inaugural Meetup in the Southeast region of the United States got community members excited to meet like-minded individuals in their area.

XRPL Community Meetup: San Diego

The first official Meetup hosted by the XRPL Community. Community members in Southern California gathered around a firepit and shared their experiences with the XRPL.

Hackathon: 2021

Explore the exciting project submissions from the fall 2021 XRPL Hackathon that focused on the NFT and Hooks smart contract functionalities on the ledger.