XRP Ledger Protocol Reference

Features and rules of the XRP Ledger protocol, regardless of how you access it.

  • Basic Data Types

    Format and meaning of fundamental data types like addresses, ledger index, and currency codes.

  • base58 Encodings

    Formats for representing cryptographic keys and related data in base58 format.

  • Currency Formats

    Precision and range for currency numbers, plus formats of custom currency codes.

  • Ledger Data Formats

    Learn about individual data objects that comprise the XRP Ledger's shared state.

  • Transaction Reference

    Transactions are the only way to modify the XRP Ledger. Get details about their required format.

  • Modifying the Ledger

    Why and how only transactions can modify the ledger.

  • Serialization Format

    Conversion between JSON and canonical binary format for XRP Ledger transactions and other objects.