A change in transaction cost or account reserve requirements as a result of Fee Voting.

Note: You cannot send a pseudo-transaction, but you may find one when processing ledgers.

    "Account": "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhoLvTp",
    "BaseFee": "000000000000000A",
    "Fee": "0",
    "ReferenceFeeUnits": 10,
    "ReserveBase": 20000000,
    "ReserveIncrement": 5000000,
    "Sequence": 0,
    "SigningPubKey": "",
    "TransactionType": "SetFee",
    "date": 439578860,
    "hash": "1C15FEA3E1D50F96B6598607FC773FF1F6E0125F30160144BE0C5CBC52F5151B",
    "ledger_index": 3721729,
Field JSON Type Internal Type Description
BaseFee String UInt64 The charge, in drops of XRP, for the reference transaction, as hex. (This is the transaction cost before scaling for load.)
ReferenceFeeUnits Unsigned Integer UInt32 The cost, in fee units, of the reference transaction
ReserveBase Unsigned Integer UInt32 The base reserve, in drops
ReserveIncrement Unsigned Integer UInt32 The incremental reserve, in drops
LedgerSequence Number UInt32 The index of the ledger version where this pseudo-transaction appears. This distinguishes the pseudo-transaction from other occurrences of the same change.