Use Specialized Payment Types

Use advanced features like Escrow and Payment Channels to build smart applications on the XRP Ledger.

  • Use Escrows

    The XRP Ledger supports held payments, or escrows, that can be executed only after a certain time has passed or a cryptographic condition has been fulfilled. Escrows can only send XRP, not issued currencies. You can use these features to build publicly-provable smart contracts. This sections explains basic tasks relating to held payments.

  • Use Payment Channels

    Payment Channels are an advanced feature for sending "asynchronous" XRP payments that can be divided into very small increments and settled later. This tutorial walks through the entire process of using a payment channel, with examples using the JSON-RPC API of a local rippled server.

  • Use Checks

    Checks in the XRP Ledger authorize another account to claim funds later, similar to how personal paper checks work.