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Ripple Labs Bounty Program Moves To Bountysource

The Ripple Labs Bounty Program is moving to its new home at Bountysource, a vibrant and robust bounty marketplace that will make paid contributions to the Ripple source code more effective and efficient.

One of the major benefits of Bountysource is its seamless GitHub integration. You can view Ripple GitHub projects on our team page. Bountysource automatically pulls open issues from these projects. Issues from JIRA can be manually added with a deeplink.

Anyone can place a bounty on an issue, which is then awarded when a proposed solution is accepted by Ripple Labs. Bounties are paid out in USD, XRP, Bitcoin, or Mastercoin.

Users can also request proposals to open issues and invite developer bids, get a better sense of the market value of a potential bounty, and prevent redundant efforts.

And while the Ripple Labs team will be actively placing bounties, anyone can contribute ideas and raise money for development by opening a fundraiser.

For instance, community member longhaul is pushing for a fully-featured Ripple wallet for Android. We’ll continue to support community collaboration in the community-sponsored bounties section of the official forums. Third-party projects are hosted on a new Github page called RippleLabsBounties (e.g. client libraries and outbound bridges).

By making Ripple projects easier to manage and participate in, the Bountysource platform will help us expand and engage with our open source community. We look forward to your contributions!