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Turn your exchange into a Ripple Gateway

Throughout 2014 we've talked to businesses all over the world, both big and small, who are interested in tapping into Ripple's increasing liquidity and settlement capabilities. For exchanges dealing in bitcoins and other assets, the value proposition is clear - deeper orderbooks and the ability for customers to hop between different assets instantly is a major boon to their service. The natural follow-up question is how to get started.

As such, we've developed a high-level integration guide for exchanges that covers the basic accounting concepts of operating a gateway on Ripple and some of the API calls you can use to interact with the network. For the purposes of this guide, we've outlined an example integration for the fictional Acme Bitcoin Exchange. While specifically referencing bitcoins as the asset handled by this gateway, note that the concepts are applicable to other forms of value such as physical commodities, securities, fiat currencies, and more.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or thoughts on how this could be improved.