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XRP Giveaway for Developers

Ripple Labs has partnered with Assembla to send qualified developers 1,000 XRP to their Ripple Trade account. To apply for this giveaway please fill out and submit the application form. If you’re interested in developing on Ripple please check out the Primer for a high level overview. From there you can dive into different layers of the Ripple ecosystem.


The Ripple Labs Development Team is always looking to get the community involved. Check out the Ripple Bountysource page, contribute to the codebase, and make some XRP!


Want to have your own server on the Ripple Network? Set up a rippled Instance and know that you have a secure connection to Ripple. Check out the installation guide.

Ripple Lib API

Use the official javascript library to communicate with Ripple.

Ripple WebSocket API

Use the Websocket Protocol to maintain persistent two-way communication with Ripple.


A simple request-response communication via HTTP. For more information, click here.


Ripple Rest API

Use the official REST API to easily interact with Ripple. Check balances, send payments, set trustlines, and more. Additionally, check out the community made libraries for Ripple Rest.

Ripple Data API

Search the vast data stored in closed ledgers through the Data API.


Ripple Trade

Interested in building a wallet? Check the open source Ripple Trade Client. Contribute to the project or fork it and make your own!

Ripple Charts

The open source Ripple Charts Client contains beautiful charts and graphs to show what is happening on the Ripple network. Check out the project on github where you can contribute and fork the project.

Ripple Graph

Enter a Ripple Wallet address and see beautiful graphs of transaction and trust lines associated with that address using the Graph Tool.

Bug Tracking

You can see the status of our development process on our JIRA instance. Contribute bug reports and feature requests!

Collaborative Resources

We have a Ripple Application Development Skype chat, email [email protected] with your Skype handle to join. Additionally, join the Forums to see what the community is up to. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email [email protected].