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rippled version 0.60.2

The rippled team has released rippled version 0.60.2, which further strengthens handling of cases associated with a previously patched exploit, in which NoRipple flags were being bypassed by using offers. Ripple requires upgrading to rippled version 0.60.2 immediately. There are no new features in the 0.60.2 release. Note: This does not affect XRP transactions.

Ripple will be following up with a postmortem, explaining the previosuly patched exploit, the timeline of events and the actions taken in more detail at a later date.

Action Required

If you operate a rippled server, then you must upgrade to 0.60.2 immediately.

If you are an individual user, then you should have the NoRipple flag enabled by default and set the trust line limit to zero on gateways that you do not trust.

If you are an individual user, and you do not have the NoRipple flag enabled, and you discover a negative balance owed to an unknown account, then you should freeze that individual trust line.

Impact of Not Upgrading

If you operate a rippled server, but do not upgrade to rippled version 0.60.2, then your server may lose sync with Ripple operated validators more frequently.

If you operate a rippled validating server, but do not upgrade to rippled version 0.60.2, which prevents NoRipple flags from being bypassed by using offers, then your server will validate some transactions in a payment path that bypass the blocking effect of the NoRipple flag using offers.

For instructions on updating rippled on supported platforms, see Updating rippled on supported platforms.

The sha256 for the RPM is: 3dc7412bda8986188164f0ff70ff80c351b17521e6943a876d5d3268fa07289d

The sha256 for the source RPM is: f189ba1a8ae2201da47008ff50d027dcf719c7001c9b350b6759db279cbb48c8

For other platforms, please compile version 0.60.2 from source.

The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

commit 7cd4d7889779e6418270c8af89386194efbef24b Author: seelabs [email protected] Date: Thu Mar 30 14:25:41 2017 -0400

Set version to 0.60.2

Bug Fixes

Prevent the ability to bypass NoRipple flags using offers (#7cd4d78)

Network Update

The Ripple technical operations team plans to deploy rippled version 0.60.2 to all rippled servers under its operational control, including private clusters, starting at 2:00 PM PDT on Thursday, 2017-03-30. The deployment is expected to complete within 4 hours. The network should continue to operate during deployment and no outage is expected.

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