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fixCheckThreading and fixPayChanRecipientOwnerDir Amendments Lost Majority

On 2019-01-11, the fixCheckThreading and fixPayChanRecipientOwnerDir amendments lost the support of several validators, causing those amendments' support to fall below the 80% threshold for approval. (EnableAmendment LostMajority transactions: fixCheckThreading, fixPayChanRecipientOwnerDir.) As a result, these amendments are no longer expected to become enabled on 2020-01-18, and their status depends on more validators to resume voting in favor of the amendments.

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Introducing XRP Ledger version 1.4.0

XRP Ledger (rippled server) version 1.4.0 has been released. The XRP Ledger version 1.4.0 introduces several new features and overall improvements to the codebase, including the DeletableAccounts Amendment, which allows users to delete XRP Ledger accounts and recover some of their account base reserve in the process.

The 1.4.0 release also includes improved peer slot management, improved CI integration and package building and support for C++17 and Boost 1.71.

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XRP Testnet Has Been Reset

Update: The second reset occurred as planned and the Testnet became fully available by approximately 7:56 PM PDT. The amendments that are enabled on the Testnet now match the status of amendments on the production Mainnet.

On 2019-08-27 at approximately 1:00 UTC (6 PM PDT), Ripple reset their XRP Testnet. This means that all accounts, balances, and settings in the Testnet have been deleted and all contents of the Testnet's decentralized exchange have been erased. However, in the process of resetting the XRP Testnet, a procedural issue caused amendments that were previously enabled to be disabled in the fresh ledger chain. Ripple plans to reset the XRP Testnet again today (2019-08-30) at 4 PM PDT. Starting at this time, the Testnet may be unavailable for a maintenance window lasting up to 4 hours.

The production XRP Ledger, or Mainnet, is completely unaffected. This also has no effect on other test networks not run by Ripple.

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