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Updates Coming to Data API

The Data API, which provides data to XRP Charts and third-party tools, is scheduled to update to version 2.4.0 in approximately two weeks, on 2018-11-07. This version improves the way the Data API imports and summarizes data on XRP Ledger validators.


The Data API v2.4.0 changes provide the following benefits:

  • Adds real-time tracking of validator agreement.
  • Indicates when a validator is included in the network's recommended UNL.
  • Reports validator agreement in 1-hour and 24-hour rolling windows, plus (non-rolling) daily summaries.
  • Tracks whether validators follow the production network, the TestNet, or other ledger history chains.

See the "Action Required" section below for a summary of which methods these changes apply to.

Action Required

This release contains the following breaking changes:

  • Removed methods. The following methods are removed in v2.4.0 and will no longer be available after the release on 2018-11-07:
    • Get Validations (/v2/network/validations)
    • Get Validator Validations (/v2/network/validators/{pubkey}/validations)
  • Format Changes. The request and response formats of the following methods have changed.

If you use any of the above API methods, you may need to make changes to use the updated API.

Preview on Staging

You can try out the new methods by using as your base URL.

The API Reference documentation will be updated with the new formats soon.