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Discover Upcoming XRP Ledger Amendments and Features with Devnet!

A new XRP Ledger Devnet is now available for developers to access upcoming features of XRPL on beta build versions of rippled, the C++ reference implementation of the XRP Ledger.

Previously, developers could only access the latest stable version of rippled on either of the following:

  • XRP Ledger Testnet, a test network
  • XRP Ledger Mainnet, the production network

The launch of XRPL Devnet helps promote more developer engagement and experimentation of new use cases on XRP Ledger.

Devnet will be updated with the latest beta build versions, starting with rippled version 1.4.0-b5, as they become available on the development branch of rippled.

Developers can access XRP Ledger Devnet by generating account credentials, which automatically deposits Devnet XRP from the Devnet Faucet.

Upon launch, XRP Ledger Devnet supports the X-Address Format, which was recently proposed as a new standard format for displaying XRP addresses and Deletable Accounts, which is a recently proposed Amendment that allows users to delete their XRP Ledger accounts and recover all but 5 XRP from their base reserve of 20 XRP.

Developers can expect XRP Ledger Devnet to be updated more frequently than Testnet or Mainnet. Notice will be given ahead of any Devnet ledger resets, which are periodically required.

Also, as of today, developers can access XRP-API, a language agnostic REST-like API for the XRP Ledger; and the Xpring SDK, which is a set of language-specific libraries and services designed by the Xpring team at Ripple, to make interaction with the XRP Ledger and Interledger easy and intuitive.