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DeletableAccounts is Now Enabled

As previously announced, the DeletableAccounts amendment became enabled on the XRP Ledger on 2020-05-08.

DeletableAccounts Summary

Prior to this amendment, every account in the XRP Ledger was permanent. With this amendment, accounts can now be deleted at a cost of 5 XRP by sending a new AccountDelete transaction type. This amendment also changes the starting Sequence number for new accounts so that it matches the ledger index when they were created instead of starting at 1.

For more details on what to look out for or how to use deletable accounts, see the previous primer.

Adieu, Deleted Accounts

Within minutes of the amendment going live, some XRP Ledger users have already started reclaiming XRP by deleting their excess accounts. A few of the first accounts to be deleted include:

We salute these early adopters for cleaning up extra cruft from the ledger.

If you have software that uses the XRP Ledger, you should be sure your code still works with the changes to make accounts deletable. See Get Ready for Deletable Accounts for details on starting sequence numbers, deleted accounts' transaction history, and more.

Additionally, if you operate an XRP Ledger server, then you should upgrade to version 1.5.0 as soon as possible. Two amendments new to v1.5.0, fixQualityUpperBound and RequireFullyCanonicalSig, are currently open for voting and could gain supermajority support among trusted validators at any time. After that point, the amendments could become enabled in two weeks, causing any servers not running at least v1.5.0 to become amendment blocked.

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