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Developer Reflections: XRPScan

This week on Developer Reflections, we’re proud to highlight XRPScan, one of the most popular blockchain explorers for XRP, used by over 50+ exchanges globally, including Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bitkub, and Bitpay, among others, to look up XRP Ledger account information and show Proof-of-Transaction to their users.

Screenshot: account summary

XRPScan is also used by a growing number of wallets, crypto tax software providers, market maker trading bots, and has seen over 180 million individual API calls in the last 30 days alone. XRPScan uses xrpl.js (Note: formerly ripple-lib) to surface transaction data across the XRP Ledger.

Screenshot: transaction summary

As one of the largest providers of XRP Ledger account identification services in the community, with over 550 verified exchange, payment, AML and compliance services integrated, XRPScan sees several thousand unique visitors per day.

Screenshot: Amendments dashboard

The Xpring team at Ripple even uses the XRPScan Amendments page internally to track the status of amendment activations among validators on the XRP Ledger network. We believe that XRPScan has built a powerful platform for visualizing actionable data across the XRP Ledger, using Xpring tools.

Screenshot: DeleteableAccounts amendment status page

XRPScan is the first app that we’re featuring in a new content series called Developer Reflections, which will highlight some of the work being done by the growing community of talented developers using the open-source protocols, tools and services that Xpring helps to build and maintain.

If you’re a developer that uses the XRP Ledger, Interledger, xrpl.js or related open-source technologies in your products and apps, then fill out this form with details about your product or app, and join the community. (Editor's note: this post was updated to remove links to deprecated projects.)