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Introducing the XRP Ledger Learning Portal

Are you a developer looking to start your blockchain journey or build on the XRP Ledger (XRPL)? Look no further than the XRP Ledger Learning Portal, the just-launched learning tool that simplifies the learning experience for developers wanting to start building.

While serves as a central, robust portal for developers of all experience levels to learn about the XRP Ledger, new developers or even those well-versed in Web 3 face a higher barrier to entry when getting started with a new blockchain.

Learn, Question, Build

The XRPL Learning Portal offers an easy and interactive way for developers to start their Web 3 journey. Developers can create their learning paths—whether they start by getting acquainted with the basics of crypto and blockchain or jump right into learning how to code on the XRP Ledger.

Portal users can explore educational material explaining the XRP Ledger and the many use cases it supports, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming. At the same time, developers will gain an understanding of the XRP Ledger’s core features, history and mechanics through hands-on learning modules. Because the XRP Ledger is a scalable, carbon-neutral blockchain, a sustainable future theme underpins each course.

Course Expectations

The XRPL Learning Portal was designed for developers to navigate their understanding of blockchain and the XRP Ledger at their own pace, with courses catering to Beginner and Intermediate-level developers. At the beginner level, the XRPL Learning Portal explores topics such as, “What is cryptocurrency?” or “What are smart contracts?”

Courses range from 90 to 120 minutes to complete and aim to ease the learning curve for developers looking to start building on XRPL.

This is just the beginning. Additional courses and certifications will be added to the XRPL Learning Portal in the coming months.

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More Ways to Learn

Developers of all backgrounds and experience levels can explore to access complete documentation, get inspired by projects building on the XRP Ledger and learn more about its vibrant community.

You can also join the XRPL Developers server on Discord to connect with like-minded developers.