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Developer Reflections: Get Your Project Featured on

Exciting news for the XRP Ledger community: Developer Reflections returns to the blog today. The developer content series spotlights the work being done by the growing developer community using the XRP Ledger (XRPL) or related open-source technologies for their products and apps.

Submit Your Project

Developer Reflections is a way to facilitate more connections within the XRPL community and showcase the breadth of new projects and use cases using XRPL technologies. XRPL projects, companies and developers are invited to submit their projects to make it easier to find and engage with the global XRPL community.

In doing so, you join the growing list of XRPL developers currently featured and contributing to


Interested projects, companies and developers must submit their projects through the form featured on the XRPL Community page (see “XRPL Community Spotlight”). Submissions will be reviewed for completeness and must meet the minimum word requirements to be featured on the blog. To help you get started, check out previous Developer Reflections:

Projects seeking to be featured on the Use Cases page can also submit via the form.

How will submissions be selected?

Projects that meet all the submission criteria will be selected at random. The review team will determine if projects are in good standing (e.g., no scams, demonstrated technical knowledge of the XRP Ledger, have a track record of contributing to the XRPL) and publish blogs that showcase a variety of XRPL use cases on a rolling basis.

When completing the submission form, please include the use case most relevant to your project. Use cases range from Carbon Markets/Sustainability, Custody, DeFi, Infrastructure, Payments, Programmability and Security. However, you can browse the full list or specify a different area of focus via the form. The review team strongly encourages interested projects, companies and developers to include screenshots/images/logos as part of your submission.

Other criteria—not required, but strongly encouraged—includes operating for a minimum of 6 months with proven success metrics, such as Monthly Active Users or number of transactions processed.

Note: the review team cannot provide feedback or consider incomplete submissions (the more information, the better).

Does my project need to be live on XRPL Mainnet?

Projects, products and apps that operate on XRPL Mainnet will receive priority. However, projects utilizing XRP Ledger Devnet or Testnet are encouraged to apply to showcase the breadth of use cases possible with open-source protocols, tools and services related to the XRP Ledger.

When will I know if my project is selected?

Selected submissions will be notified ASAP. Once published on, we encourage you to share your project with the XRPL community and engage with other developers via social media, the XRPL Developers Discord and other channels. (You can include your social media as part of the form, so XRPL developers know how to get in touch with you).

Because projects will be selected randomly and on a rolling basis, the review team cannot provide an update on the status of your submission—explore previous Developer Reflections.

Conclusion is focused on producing technical documentation, sample code, tutorials, video demos and blog posts that make it easier for developers to access XRP Ledger technologies.

Want to showcase your project, product or app on the blog or Use Cases page? Submit your project to share with the XRPL developer community.