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Guaranteeing a Fixed Supply of NFTs

For some projects, you might want to guarantee that no more than a fixed number of NFTs are minted from an issuing account.

To guarantee a fixed number of NFTs:

  1. Create and fund a new account, the Issuer. This account is the issuer of the tokens within the collection. See Creating Accounts.
  2. Use AccountSet to assign your operational wallet as an authorized minter for the issuer. See Authorizing Another Account to Mint Your NFTs.
  3. Use your operational account to mint the tokens using NFTokenMint. The operational wallet holds all of the tokens minted for the Issuer. See Batch Minting.
  4. Use AccountSet to remove your operational wallet as an authorized minter for the Issuer.
  5. “Blackhole” the Issuer account. See Disable Master Key Pair.

At this point, it is impossible for any new tokens to be minted with the issuer’s address as the issuing account.

Caution Once you "blackhole" the account, no one, including you, receives transfer fees for future sales of the NFTs.