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Ledger Data Formats

Each ledger version in the XRP Ledger is made up of three parts:

  • Ledger Header: Data about this ledger version itself.
  • Transaction Set: The transactions that were executed to create this ledger version.
  • State Data: A list of ledger entries, representing all accounts, settings, and balances as of this ledger version. (This is also called the "account state".)

State Data

Each ledger version's state data is a set of ledger objects, sometimes called ledger entries, which collectively represent all settings, balances, and relationships at a given point in time. To store or retrieve an object in the state data, the protocol uses that object's unique Ledger Object ID.

In the peer protocol, ledger objects have a canonical binary format. In rippled APIs, ledger objects are represented as JSON objects.

A ledger object's data fields depend on the type of object; the XRP Ledger supports the following types: