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Ripple Test Network Ledger Will Be Reset

On 2016-09-02, Ripple will be resetting the test network ledger and balances. This means that all test net order books will be deleted and all account balances will be depleted.

This will have absolutely no effect on the live, production Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL).

Action Required

If you have projects built or scripts running on test net, then new order books will have to be created and new account balances will have to be topped up.


Ripple operates the test network to ensure new features and fixes operate as planned before rolling them out to the live network. As a matter of policy, we have always stated publicly that the test net will be be reset on a regular basis, however in practice the ledger and balances have never been reset. As the Ripple network continues to grow, we view this as necessary.


Moving forward, we will likely be resetting the test net ledger and balances on or around the first of every month.

We hope that this new planned schedule will also help the community plan their development projects and tests accordingly, although the test net may also be reset from time to time without notice.

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Please refer to the Test Net page for information on generating new test net credentials and connecting to test net servers:

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