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rippled Version 1.1.1

Ripple has released rippled version 1.1.1, which improves handling of validator list sites. These changes improve retrieval of Ripple's recommended UNL for servers in restrictive network environments, and prevent incorrect behavior in cases where a server is unable to fetch a validator list update before the previous list expires.

Action Required

If you operate a rippled server, then you should upgrade to rippled version 1.1.1 as soon as possible.

Impact of Not Upgrading

  • If you operate a rippled server, but do not upgrade to version 1.1.1, then your server may behave incorrectly if it is unable to fetch a new validator list before its current list expires. (If your network configuration causes rippled to encounter HTTP redirects when fetching the validator list, this can prevent rippled 1.1.0 and lower from correctly downloading the updated list in a timely manner.)


For instructions on updating rippled on supported platforms, see Updating rippled.

The SHA-256 for the RPM is: a833fbaf988d85c985f80ad4dfd46a391cce7e884fba62b2f9b1b87aa41c3cfa

The SHA-256 for the source RPM is: a88b538fc3ee0bb5cefe3e96622faebecebcc91e5c530f74283d49c9cfff41d4

For other platforms, please compile v1.1.1 from source. See the rippled source tree for instructions by platform. For instructions building rippled from source on Ubuntu Linux, see Install rippled on Ubuntu.

The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

commit 72e6005f562a8f0818bc94803d222ac9345e1e40
Author: seelabs <[email protected]>
Date:   Fri Oct 19 13:12:40 2018 -0400

    Set version to 1.1.1

Network Update

The Ripple operations team plans to deploy version 1.1.1 to all rippled servers under its operational control, including private clusters, starting at 2:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, 2018-10-23. The deployment is expected to complete within 5 hours. The network should continue to operate during deployment and no outage is expected.

Bug Bounties and Responsible Disclosures

Ripple welcomes reviews of the rippled codebase and urges reviewers to responsibly disclose any issues that they may find. For more on Ripple's Bug Bounty program, please visit https://ripple.com/bug-bounty/.

Boost Compatibility

When compiling rippled from source, you must use a compatible version of the Boost library. For version 1.1.1, Boost 1.67.0 is required for all platforms.

Learn, ask questions, and discuss

Related documentation is available in the XRP Ledger Developer Portal, including detailed reference information, tutorials, and web tools.

Other resources:

1.1.1 Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Follow the Location: HTTP header when fetching a validator list results in a redirect status code such as 301 Moved Permanently, 302 Found, 307 Temporary Redirect, or 308 Permanent Redirect. (RIPD-1669)

  • Improve behavior of rippled servers when their latest available validator list is past its expiration (RIPD-1661):

    • Report the problem with an ERROR-level log message.
    • Stop sending validation messages for new ledgers until a non-expired validator list is available.
    • Report the validator list as expired in the server_info method and server_state method.