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The Checks Amendment is Now Enabled

As previously announced, the Checks amendment became enabled on the XRP Ledger on 2020-06-18.

Checks Summary

Introduces "Checks" to the XRP Ledger. Checks work similarly to personal paper checks. The sender signs a transaction to create a Check for a specific maximum amount and recipient. Later, the recipient can cash the Check to receive up to the specified amount. The actual movement of money only occurs when the Check is cashed, so cashing the Check may fail depending on the sender's current balance and the available liquidity. If cashing the Check fails, the Check object remains in the ledger so the recipient can try again later.

For more information, see Checks.

No action is required at this time. The minimum XRP Ledger server version to remain synced to the network already has support for Checks.

The Checks amendment also enables a minor improvement to the XRP Ledger's decentralized exchange: OfferCreate transactions that failed because their expiration time had already passed when the transaction executed are now assigned the error code tecEXPIRED. Previously, such offers were assigned the success code tesSUCCESS despite not being executed. Users of the API can use the new status code to more easily recognize when an offer was not executed because it had already expired.

If you are the developer for a library that reads and writes the XRP Ledger's binary format, make sure your library can read and write the new transaction and ledger types introduced by the Checks amendment. Ripple's reference libraries already support Checks, including ripple-binary-codec (since v0.1.13) and ripple-lib (since v0.19.0).

If you have an XRP Ledger business, you may also want to read about Checks to see if your business model could benefit from using this feature.

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