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Two Fix Amendments Are Now Enabled

As previously announced, the fixCheckThreading and fixPayChanRecipientOwnerDir amendments became enabled on 2020-05-01.

The DeletableAccounts amendment is still expected for 2020-05-08.

Action Required

  • If you operate a rippled server, you must upgrade to version 1.4.0 or higher by 2020-05-01, for service continuity. Version 1.5.0 is strongly recommended.

  • If you use the account_channels API method, you must upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0 to avoid breaking changes to the API triggered by the fixPayChanRecipientOwnerDir amendment.

  • The DeletableAccounts amendment changes the starting sequence numbers for accounts. If you have automatic processes that send transactions from newly-funded accounts, please check that the change does not break critical processes.

For instructions on upgrading rippled on supported platforms, see Install rippled.

Impact of Not Upgrading

If you operate a rippled server on a version older than 1.4.0, then your server is now amendment blocked, meaning that your server:

  • Cannot determine the validity of a ledger
  • Cannot submit or process transactions
  • Does not participate in the consensus process
  • Does not vote on future amendments
  • Could rely on potentially invalid data

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