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Start a New Genesis Ledger in Stand-Alone Mode

In stand-alone mode, you can have rippled create a new genesis ledger. This provides a known state, with none of the ledger history from the production XRP Ledger. (This is very useful for unit tests, among other things.)

  • To start rippled in stand-alone mode with a new genesis ledger, use the -a and --start options:
rippled -a --start --conf=/path/to/rippled.cfg

For more information on the options you can use when starting rippled in stand-alone mode, see Commandline Usage: Stand-Alone Mode Options.

In a genesis ledger, the genesis address holds all 100 billion XRP. The keys of the genesis address are hardcoded as follows:

Address: rHb9CJAWyB4rj91VRWn96DkukG4bwdtyTh

Secret: snoPBrXtMeMyMHUVTgbuqAfg1SUTb ("masterpassphrase")

Settings in New Genesis Ledgers

In a new genesis ledger, the hard-coded default Reserve is 200 XRP minimum for funding a new address, with an increment of 50 XRP per object in the ledger. These values are higher than the current reserve requirements of the production network. (See also: Fee Voting)

By default, a new genesis ledger has no amendments enabled. If you start a new genesis ledger with --start, the genesis ledger contains an EnableAmendment pseudo-transaction to turn on all amendments natively supported by the rippled server, except for amendments that you explicitly disable in the config file. The effects of those amendments are available starting from the very next ledger version. (Reminder: in stand-alone mode, you must advance the ledger manually.)

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